SHADOW tidak hanya akan menjadi kata ganti produk elektronik otomotif global di masa depan, tetapi juga mitra yang baik untuk pemilik mobil modifikasi! Biarkan lebih banyak orang merasakan kesenangan dan kenyamanan kendaraan modifikasi melalui produk SHADOW!

Shadow E-Drive 4S Electronic Throttle Controller

Harga :

Rp. 999.000


Shadow electronic throttle controller uses the throttle signal to change the throttle response time and accelerate the vehicle forward. You can feel the power changes by lightly stepping on the accelerator in these five function modes. In addition, Shadow converts the digital signal into an analog signal which makes the processing rate from 100 times/second to 1000 times/second. It has grown 10 times when we compared with the past. This also makes the throttle more stable and more flexible.


  • The processing rate of the electronic throttle controller reaches 1000 times per second, which improves the throttle sensitivity.
  • The digital-to-analog converter improves the accuracy of electronic signals, makes the ECU easy to identify and increases the stability of the throttle.
  • Shadow E-Drive 4S electronic throttle controller develops a dedicated connector for each model, which can be applied to 96% of the cars in the automotive market. There is no need to worry about the inapplicability of the car model.
  • The accelerator pedal signal will be showed on the display with LED lights synchronously, users can see the accelerator pedal depth in time.Different from the hard buttons on the market, Shadow E-Drive 4S electronic throttle controller has completely replaced to silicone buttons let the user has a good feedback feel and a more comfortable user experience.
  • Become an accessory anywhere on the main console with an exquisite and capable appearance design.
  • In order to avoid the abnormal signal from causing the check engine light to turn on, we continuously improve the current and reduces the defect rate to less than 0.5%.

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